The Lancaster Freedom Center is energized by the principle that there is hope for each person. We provide a therapeutic environment in which the client can gain insight and receive support for the establishment and maintenance of a responsible, productive life among family and within the society. The program vigorously incorporates the experience and expertise of a competent and compassionate staff and seeks to include a wide range of community resources as it attempts to guide clients through the early stages of recovery from both substance addiction and mental health issues to a sober, productive lifestyle.

The program philosophy is comprised of successful therapies and treatment techniques. Our drug and alcohol
services are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/Narcotics Anonymous (NA) based. Our clients are able to remain working and with their families while involved in a comprehensive recovery process.

Find Us

The Lancaster Freedom Center 313 West Liberty Street, Suite 124, Lancaster PA 17603 tel: 717.397.9118; fax: 717.397.3514 email:  

The Promises

When you make the decision to enter treatment, expect to experience change. LFC works with your unique situation to help restore life, find peace and contentment, and face life with courage...